These Are The Voyages

The Incautious Foot-Falls of Giants

The populous of a Federation colony vanished without trace, time is twisted into knots and the fabric of reality seems to be on the brink of collapse.
Can the crew of the Ark Royal solve the mystery of the missing colonists?

Wheels Witin Wheels [Part 2]

Limping back to the Beta-Carotene system from their confrontation with the Romulan Warbird at the secret asteroid base, can the Ark Royal arrive in time to save the away team and expedition? And what treachery does a Romulan senator have planned?

Wheels Within Wheels [Part 1]

Responding to a distress call from an archaeological dig on a planet in the Beta-Carotene system, one of their number has gone missing and the planet is soon to experience a tri-millennial perfect storm. Can the young Ensign be found before this mother of all storms hits?

Meanwhile in the criminal hive of the Briar Patch the Ark Royal investigates the asteroid base from which the S.S. Nietzsche picked up its cargo of weaponised Augments. What will they find?

Stardate 45365.7 - First Officer's Log

First Officer’s Log, Stardate 45365.7, With Captain Drake and Lt Conway recalled to Starfleet Command to meet with Admiral Willis I have taken temporary command of the Ark Royal. I have diverted the ship from it’s original course to rendezvous with Starbase 43, to drop off supplies, in order to answer a distress call from a freighter near the borders of Orion space.

Stardate 45365.7 - Chief Engineer's Log
Chief Engineer's Log

We have diverted from our course to Starbase 43 to answer a distress signal from a Terran freighter on the boarder of Orion space, an old model container tug, the drives are offline and the ship is drifting.

There are survivors aboard, mostly minor injuries, thee casualties, and one serious injury, caught on the periphery of an antimatter explosion, the accident which the captain claims to be the event which disabled his ship.

Scans indicate that most of the ship’s systems gave been shut down manually, after the explosion, this would point more to sabotage rather than accident.

We have offered to affect repairs on the S.S. Nietzsche as a pretence to investigate the ship,

Captains Log
Stardate: 45346.6

We are proceeding down to Rhiealva V to meet with the Crown Premier of the Griefaust, a technologically advanced race who have petitioned to join the Federation. Our mission is to assess their suitability for review, although the sudden nature of their request, along with rumours of persistent Romulan contact, make me uneasy.

Due to strange anomalies in the Rhiealva system that interfere with our transporter technology, we are taking a shuttlecraft down to the surface.

Captains Log: Supplemental

I find myself forced to recommend a rejection of the Griefaust petition for Federation membership. A violent isolationist group has surfaced on the planet that rejects the Federation and the idea of membership. As we witnessed, they are prepared to resort to terrorist acts – acts that could have resulted in the loss of members of my crew. Until this situation is resolved and the Griefaust are united in their desire to join the greater galactic community, they must stand alone.

I have, however, promised all Federation aid concerning the matter of their rapidly decaying sun. I have assured the Crown Premier that membership is not required for aid and that we will respond to any call for help.

Ship's Log. Star Date 45346.6

Going planetside by shuttle as the transporter is not working correctly due to a local space anomoly in the Rhielva system.

The Away Team is made up of Captain Alex Drake, Executive Officer Commander John Luckhurst, Chief Engineer Lieutenant Tchophes, Chief Medical Officer Commander Umbli Vix, Chief Security Officer Lieutenant Laurence Conway and myself, Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Reg Stone.

Once we have landed on Rhielva V, we are taken by our Griefaust hosts to the banqueting hall in Kalos; the capitol city. There we are welcomed by Crown Premier Alsur, the leader of this planet.

…more to come.


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