These Are The Voyages

Captains Log

Stardate: 45346.6

We are proceeding down to Rhiealva V to meet with the Crown Premier of the Griefaust, a technologically advanced race who have petitioned to join the Federation. Our mission is to assess their suitability for review, although the sudden nature of their request, along with rumours of persistent Romulan contact, make me uneasy.

Due to strange anomalies in the Rhiealva system that interfere with our transporter technology, we are taking a shuttlecraft down to the surface.

Captains Log: Supplemental

I find myself forced to recommend a rejection of the Griefaust petition for Federation membership. A violent isolationist group has surfaced on the planet that rejects the Federation and the idea of membership. As we witnessed, they are prepared to resort to terrorist acts – acts that could have resulted in the loss of members of my crew. Until this situation is resolved and the Griefaust are united in their desire to join the greater galactic community, they must stand alone.

I have, however, promised all Federation aid concerning the matter of their rapidly decaying sun. I have assured the Crown Premier that membership is not required for aid and that we will respond to any call for help.



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