Commander Umbli Vix

Trill Doctor with a passion for politics.


Umbli showed a lot of potential for the political arena before her Joining. However, when the Vix symbiote was joined with her, her passions shifted to medicine.

Now the Chief of Medicine aboard the Ark-Royal, Umbli still remembers battles past. Her worst memories stem from the battle of Wolf 359, when Locutus of Borg made his move against the Federation. She was on board the USS Saratoga, but she did not serve aboard the vessel. She was travelling between two starbases when the ship was rerouted to Wolf 359.

Umbli stayed aboard instead of departing with other citizens, decideing to use her medical knowledge to aid any injured in the upcoming battle.

To this day, part of her wishes she had fled.

Commander Umbli Vix

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